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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

New Driver San Francisco Details And Video Trailer

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Driver San Francisco

The wait is finally over Today, Ubisoft has released a new trailer for DRIVER San Francisco, a new racing game developed by Ubisoft Reflections under the direction of the creators of the original series. The player will take the role of Detective John Tanner on a relentless manhunt for crime lord Charles Jericho through the hills of the City by the Bay.

With crime lord Jericho now on the loose San Francisco faces a terrible threat. But Tanner, a hardened detective who has spent his whole life putting criminals behind bars, is up for the job, knowing that this may very well be his last ride.

Players can now seamlessly shift between well over a hundred licensed vehicles, keeping them constantly in the heart of the action.

Due to the inclusion of the unique Shift feature, this latest Driver game will include 19 different multiplayer modes, some of which would usually only be found in FPS games.

"We have 19 modes: 11 online competitive modes, 3 co-op split screen and the rest are competitive split-screen," says Producer Marie-Jo Leroux.

"Because of Shift - which has really changed the game - we've been able to bring to the driving genre modes that only exist in first-person shooters."Senior Designer Jean-Sebastien Decant went on to explain what that would entail: "Capture the Flag, Protect the Base. Because suddenly all the cars in the world are like tools - What tool are you going to use to solve a certain situation? And also you can just Shift back into the action. All this creates a real new dynamic in terms of online driving, and it's pretty exciting."

DRIVER San Francisco will launch on August 30th, 2011, for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

DRIVER San Francisco - Comeback Video Trailer

Driver San Francisco Screenshots

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